Anaren, A TTM Technologies Company, is a leading global designer and manufacturer of high-frequency RF and microwave microelectronics, components, and assemblies for the space, defense, and telecommunications sectors.

Anaren's engineering expertise and products are utilized by major manufacturers around the world, in everything from telecommunications networking products, fighter-jet jammers, base-station amplifiers, to communication satellite systems. Our products are the result of innovative engineering, design, materials processing, and world-class volume manufacturing.

Anaren, A TTM Technologies Company Headquarters
6635 Kirkville Rd. 
East Syracuse, NY 13057
United States
Phone: 315-432-8909 | 800-544-2414

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Company Organization

As an innovation leader in high frequency electronic engineering technology across several markets, Anaren's business operations are organized in two primary divisions responsible for products and services focusing on their respective markets and applications:

Anaren Space and Defense

Space & Defense Group

Anaren's Space & Defense Group, is focused on delivering innovative solutions for the most challenging space and military applications. Technologies that we develop include use in space travel, electronic warfare and ballistic missile defense radar applications, as well as communication satellites. 

The world’s leading defense and aerospace prime contractors and subcontractors count on Anaren's complex high frequency assemblies, subassemblies, packaging, and standard military specification components. Anaren is distinguished in this field by our depth of high frequency electronics expertise, vertically integrated capabilities (from extensive design engineering, modeling and analysis, to sophisticated automated manufacturing and testing), and our commitment to supporting tier-1 contractors as they strive to deliver the multi-mission, multi-function Department of Defense technologies of tomorrow.

Anaren Wireless Components

Wireless Group

Anaren's Wireless Group develops telecommunications products for wireless infrastructure and fiber optic telecommunication applications, such as passive components used in cellular base stations and microcells satellite television receivers, and custom ceramic substrates found in fiber optic communications.

Led by the flagship offering of the world-famous Xinger brand components, Anaren provides commercial wireless infrastructure and consumer electronics OEMs high-performance, highly-repeatable standard components. Our technology incorporates proprietary engineering and materials-processing techniques, with our products manufactured in high volumes using automated manufacturing across our state-of-the-art facilities worldwide.

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