Beamformers for Mission-Critical Applications

With 50 years of experience, Anaren is an industry leader in developing innovative beamformer technology for prime military and space contractors. We offer a wealth of expertise to deliver a variety of active and passive high-performance RF assemblies. This includes L-band/LEO and L- and S-band/GEO space beamformers, UHF thru Ka-band radar AESA RF networks, Butler matrices (multiple connector styles, cellular & PCS/DCS bands, high- and low-power), multi-octave, and more.

Our high-performance and high-reliability beamformer design solutions, combined with our automated manufacturing process and industry-leading PCB and ceramic substrate technologies, have proven to be best-in-class in recent contract awards, such as Raytheon's Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) and the Lockheed Martin Long Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR). The AMDR project is the Navy's next-generation integrated air and missile defense radar, while the LRDR system incorporates Anaren's high-performance microwave assemblies utilizing the combined capabilities from our three defense facilities providing the LRDR project with a cost-effective solution and timely production rates.

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You can view Anaren critical beamforming technology in support of the Raytheon AMDR and TPY-2 defense radar applications in these videos!

Raytheon AMDR

Raytheon TPY-2

Radar for Defense Applications

Anaren’s development of unique beamformer design technology and vertically integrated manufacturing processes enables us to deliver high-performance RF assemblies critical to the mission requirements of modern passive and active phased-array radar applications. Whether the requirements call for a custom passive RF beamforming solution, or a complex, highly-integrated active radar front-end architecture, Anaren offers a long history of design and production of radar products qualified for use in land, sea, air, and space environments.

Space-Based Beamforming Technologies

Anaren has over 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing complex passive and active beamformers used for space-based, multiple-beam communication array payloads. Our development of unique design technology and vertically-integrated manufacturing processes enables us to meet the exacting RF network performance requirements needed for accurate beam pointing and steering, with a proven track record of delivery for major constellations such as Globalstar, Iridium, and IridiumNEXT, as well as for secure GEO United States government communication payloads.

Anaren’s design engineers understand the mission requirements needed for antenna subsystems, and can assist with the array architecture trade-offs related to the beamforming network that are made early in the design process. Whether you need a space beamforming network that handles several fixed beams, or one that can actively form dozens of beams with hundreds of array elements, put Anaren’s extensive design and world-class space grade production capabilities to work for you.

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