Anaren has extensive build-to-print capabilities with dedicated facilities for manufacturing our customer’s complex products, ranging from ceramic LTCC and thick film substrates to high-reliability printed circuit boards to single chip and multi-chip hybrid modules for power management and high-frequency RF applications. Our vertically-integrated manufacturing capabilities enable us to offer value-add services to our customers. For example, a build-to-print LTCC substrate integrated with a connectorized ring frame produced by our dedicated ceramics facility in Salem, NH could be sent to our Microelectronics Center of Excellence in East Syracuse, NY to perform the microelectronic chip and wire assembly required by the customer drawing package, enabling a turn-key solution to their needs. Another example may include our Littleton, CO facility's ability to perform certain types of higher-level assembly, such as the installation of required RF and digital connectors to the PCBs manufactured there.

Additionally, our headquarters in East Syracuse, NY provides valuable RF, digital, mechanical and process engineering support to complex build-to-print programs for our customer’s cutting edge RF designs used in aerospace and defense markets. These programs are project managed and quality controlled in the same manner as our custom designs, with particular emphasis placed on providing guidance to our customers when necessary, and performance improvement recommendations when requested. This manufacturing operation stands ready to support your complex, wide-band or high frequency build to print integrated RF solution projects.

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