Dedicated Solutions for Military Applications

Partnered with prime defense OEM contractors, Anaren is dedicated to providing advanced technologies and capabilities for mission-critical RF solutions, and products used in high-reliability terrestrial, maritime, airborne, and space applications. We understand our contribution to national defense, and the defense of our allies, is crucial. Every aspect of our business, from the first handshake to the loading dock manifest, focuses on providing our military access to the most advanced, most reliable, and most affordable solutions possible. For fifty years, Anaren has consistently delivered high-performance, reliable, and cost-effective products and services that support our military services in defense of the homeland and our allies abroad.

Anaren leverages its unique vertically-integrated manufacturing capabilities along with our experienced RF and power hybrid design and development capabilities to offer our customers the most innovative solutions in the industry. Whether in direct collaboration with our customer-partners or independently developed, our product portfolio of beamforming networks, RF passive components, active integrated microwave assemblies (IMAs), microelectronic power modules, complex multi-layer PCBs, and ceramic/LTCC substrates, solve the most complex system requirements in today’s modern defense electronics environment. With these tools, we offer a unique opportunity for customers to integrate system functions and reduce overall costs, providing the end user with enhanced functionality and increased reliability.

Fighter jet showcasing our electronic warfare products

Electronic Warfare

Anaren has been working on electronic warfare products since the 1960s, developing a family of analog frequency discriminators to assist the United States Navy with electronic support measures (ESM) operations to detect, identify, locate, and analyze spectrum threats. In the 50 years since, we have continually evolved our product solutions to include digital frequency discriminators (DFD), digital RF memory (DRFM), and a family of channelized amplifiers and frequency converter modules used in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) platforms. Our experienced engineering team works closely with our OEM partners to develop products that can stay ahead of evolving frequency threats, and delivers solutions that are scalable and adaptable to a rapidly-changing spectrum.

Satellite communications and terrestrial link solutions

Military Communication and Secure Data Links

Ensuring the security and reliability of data is paramount to ongoing military operations, and Anaren is there with highly-integrated product solutions for satellite communications and terrestrial links. Our proprietary beamforming technology enables satellite constellations to reconfigure beam states and dynamically shape communication links on demand to meet the rapidly-changing environment within a theater of operation. When forces are on the move, so is the demand for wide-bandwidth and reliable data streams, and Anaren is renowned for providing cost effective subsystems that enable our customers to support the military’s demand for secure data.

High-Performance Design and Manufacturing

High-Frequency Design and Development

Anaren specializes in high-performance design and manufacturing for beamforming, integrated RF solutions, and RF components operating from the UHF band through the Ka band. Our organization is structured to provide dedicated, experienced program management and integrated product team resources to every design program, and our exceptional level of vertically-integrated production capabilities ensures you that every high-frequency design will be produced using the latest manufacturing standards. Work with a proven manufacturer leveraging a long history of design and development excellence, and we are happy to review your requirements and help you design your next generation of high-frequency RF products.

Complex multi-layer PCB fabrication processing taking place

Complex Build-to-Print Manufacturing

When the situation calls for partnering with an experienced manufacturer of integrated microwave electronics, Anaren is the answer. We offer a unique blend of deep manufacturing knowledge in the areas of complex multi-layer PCB fabrication, surface-mounted technology, hybrid microelectronics, thick film ceramic processing, automated assembly and test, and environmental stress screening (ESS). This expertise is balanced with an experienced team of RF, mechanical, digital, and manufacturing process engineers, that enable your design to be optimized for lower-cost and maximum reliability.

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