Advanced Technologies for Satellite Applications

Partnering with all of the major satellite contractors, Anaren has a well-established heritage for providing advanced technologies and capabilities for mission-critical RF and payload power management solutions.

Since our delivery of innovative, lightweight Butler matrix beamforming networks for the original Iridium constellation in the early 1990’s, Anaren has been a well-established supplier of complex RF beamforming networks, including those critical to the operation of both fixed and flexible spot beam AESA payloads. We have a detailed understanding of the challenges presented by the space environment, and have qualified our standard and custom products to fly on LEO to GEO platforms. Let Anaren leverage its unique vertically-integrated manufacturing capabilities along with our experienced RF and power hybrid design and development engineering staff to offer you the most innovative solutions in the industry.

Anaren MSK Products

Radiation-Hardened Power Management Modules

Anaren’s MSK Product line has been a Class K MIL-PRF-38534 certified supplier since 1997. A significant part of our business is supplying radiation-hardened products to the most demanding customers, and we are a major supplier of both custom and standard microelectronic radiation-hardened components to the military and aerospace industries. We have designed and manufactured thousands of complex custom radiation-hardened hybrid microcircuits that are currently in orbit on commercial and military satellites, as well as a variety of planetary exploration vehicles. Our radiation-hardened products are also used on the International Space Station and various launch vehicles.

Our standard radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant products for space flight is expansive and continues to expand. These products currently consist of operational amplifiers, motor controls, and linear and switching power supply components. We are certified and qualified to MIL-PRF-38534 for both Class H (military) and Class K (space) microelectronics, and are certified to MIL-PRF-38535 for Class Q and Class V single-chip products.

Anaren radiation-hardened products have been tested to one or more of the following radiation assurance tests; total ionizing dose (TID), enhanced low dose rate effects (ELDRS), neutron and proton displacement damage, and single event effects (SEE, SET, SEL and SEB).

Anaren's Unicircuit Subsidiary

High-Reliability PCB Solutions

Anaren is a premier supplier to the aerospace industry, and has a well-deserved reputation for outstanding execution in product development, low rate initial production (LRIP), and full rate production support for critical flight hardware programs. Our PCB products are deployed in a multitude of land, air, sea and space high-reliability applications, such as search and rescue, sensors, phased array radars, AESA radars, space-based radars, beamforming networks, transmit/receive integrated microwave modules, weaponry, tactical systems, reconnaissance satellites, and secured communications.

Our certifications to MIL-PRF-31032, MIL-PRF-55110, AS-9100-B, and NADCAP are a testament to our unwavering commitment to our customers.

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