Anaren places tremendous importance on the quality of the products and services it provides. That success stems from a challenging, exciting, inventive, and enjoyable workplace, which is a direct reflection of the people who work there. 

The foundation for establishing Anaren's workplace begins with the principles set in place from our corporate values, championed by our executive management team and seen embodied by our employees. At Anaren, we strive to model our corporate values on the job every day to ensure we meet the highest standards in quality and service for customers and employees alike.

Corporate Values

At Anaren, we strive to model our corporate values and their associated behaviors on the job every day to ensure we meet the highest standards in quality and service for customers and employees alike.


Set and Example and Take Action

"Sets an example, takes action, and inspires others to succeed."

  • Motivates, mentors, and enables others to develop their skills and elevate their performance
  • Values diversity, includes others' ideas, and takes decisive action to reach desired outcomes
  • Takes ownership of opportunities, sets a vision, aligns resources, and motivates others to accomplish goals
  • Demonstrates a sense of urgency and takes responsibility beyond defined expectations to get the job done
  • Sets and maintains a high personal standard of performance and integrity


Honorable and Ethical Conduct

"Exemplifies honorable and ethical conduct."​

  • Keeps promises and honors commitments
  • Builds confidence through sincere and honest communication and actions
  • Leads by example and takes accountability for actions and outcomes
  • Communicates openly and frequently and fully discloses relevant information
  • Demonstrates high professional standards of conduct through uncompromising principles and values
  • Treats employees, suppliers, and customers with honesty, fairness, and respect

Customer Satisfaction

Maintain Relationships with Internal and External Customers

"Develops and maintains long-term relationships with internal and external customers by consistently exceeding expectations."​

  • Provides listening to understand customer requirements and takes prompt, appropriate action that exceeds expectations
  • Anticipates evolving customer technical and business needs and develops and/or executes the roadmap that exceeds customer expectations and requirements
  • Takes personal ownership of internal and external customer issues and follows through to ensure a lasting service impression
  • Works to develop customer relationships through collaboration, respect, professionalism, trust, and integrity
  • Enhances existing products and services, significantly reducing costs without sacrificing quality or value


Team Meeting

"Generously shares knowledge and expertise with others to achieve a common objective."

  • Places team and organizational priorities over individual agendas, and works with others to achieve outstanding results
  • Collaborates to solve complex issues or overcome a challenge
  • Raises team effectiveness through individual commitment and performance
  • Values diversity, develops camaraderie, listens to and includes others' ideas to maximize results
  • Respectfully challenges ideas and provides alternative opinions, but supports team decisions

Operational Excellence

Continuously Improving

"Continuously improves the quality, cost, and delivery of products and services to our customers."​

  • Identifies, drives, or implements meaningful improvements to establish new standards of excellence
  • Leverages new ideas and methods to increase revenue, improve operating efficiency, or reduce costs without sacrificing quality or value
  • Achieves high-quality output by taking preventative action to eliminate errors, omissions, and defects
  • Takes responsibility for the safety and well-being of self and others
  • Demonstrates an understanding of and commitment to the profitability of the organization


Discovery and Creativity Used to Make Improvements

“Demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement."​

  • Discovers and creatively applies outside ideas, concepts, and best practices to better align products and services with customer needs
  • Demonstrates a passion to find better and unique ways to exceed customer expectations
  • Challenges the status quo to develop breakthrough products or processes
  • Introduces and/or embraces change and leverages new ideas, methods and technologies to increase revenue, reduce costs or improve operating efficiency
  • Sees what others have not seen and does what others have not done to achieve outstanding results
Success Through Diversity In A Fun Work Enivornment

Success through Diversity

Beyond the values that set the tone for our workplace, the most critical element that defines a great work environment is you. Learn more about our company's diversity in the workplace.

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