At Anaren, we feel that coming to work is more than just receiving your paycheck. It is about being in a positive and healthy environment that promotes good well-being, enjoyment, and comfortable living through a genuine work/life balance.

Anaren offers a wide variety of benefits and wellness programs, resources and amenities to help every employee live healthy, fulfilling lives in and outside of work.


Competitive Compensation

Hard work pays off, and it should. Anaren offers aggressive and competitive pay to provide its employees, and is proud to reward our employees' efforts with potential performance incentive bonuses and quarterly revenue sharing bonuses.

Family and Health Assurance

Knowing you and your family is taken care of is comforting. With competitive insurance coverage, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, employee assistance programs, and 24/7 physician access programs, you will have that peace of mind at all times.

Health and Peace of Mind
Health and Wellness

Promote your healthiest self

A healthy workforce is essential to ensure productivity and innovation. We encourage all employees to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and offer wellness programs, onsite fitness centers, nutritious food options, onsite health and wellness coaching, free onsite biometric health screenings, and community event participation.

Manage your Finances and Wealth

Anaren's offers numerous programs to help you protect and manage your finances, from retirement savings plans with generous company matching to onsite one-on-one consultations with financial and wealth management advisors.


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Beyond the range of benefits available, take advantage of many of the numerous perks employment at Anaren comes with.

Enjoying your time off

With generous vacation time and paid holidays, enjoy time off at your leisure. Anaren is also flexible with work arrangements, supportive of military obligations, and works with you to ensure the ideal balance between work and personal time. 


For those who commute longer distances, or for those who would just like to have an extra day off every two weeks, we offer a popular 9/80 work scheduling option. Just think about what you could do (or not do) with that extra day off!

Organized Community Services

For those that highly value giving back to the community and participating in volunteer efforts, Anaren regularly sponsors numerous charitable efforts and organizes groups to participate and give back together. Anaren also has an annual "Community Service Day" event, where all employees of the company take the work day off and instead spend their time giving back to the community and supporting the less fortunate.

Life Outside the Workplace

Take advantage of the many opportunities Anaren provides to enjoy the community, offering perks such as company-organized events, tickets and giveaways for local sporting, music, and theatre events, shopping discounts, and more.

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Enjoying Life at Anaren

With a fantastic work environment, rich benefits package, educational opportunities, and a diverse culture, read on to learn more about what makes life at Anaren so rewarding.

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