As a corporation, TTM Technologies, Inc. is pleased to comply with all applicable quality and environmental standards critical to participation in our market sectors; as applicable, we likewise comply with any/all critical standards on a product-by-product basis.

ROHS Compliance

TTM is committed to complying with emerging global environmental standards that are increasingly important to your customers and beneficial to the environment at large, including those related to the reduction and/or elimination of certain hazardous substances in electrical products as outlined in The European (EU) RoHS Directive. All products listed on this website include (if applicable) their RoHS declaration, which is located alongside that product's associated documents.


TTM's certification portfolio spans numerous company facilities, divisions, and subsidiaries, with certification offerings differing between them. We have a dedicated staff of over two dozen engineers who are committed to improving manufacturing and quality systems, and tailor systems for each application. TTM primarily uses an ETQ Reliance-based quality system and features automated corrective action escalation.

Our delivery of high quality products is evident throughout every product line. The Microelectronics Products line in particular has demonstrated exceptional quality standards. In 1988, MSK Products became one of the early MIL-STD-1722 certified companies and has since maintained one of the highest number of QML (Qualified Manufacturer Listing) processes in the industry, and in 1997, became one of the first applications to obtain certification to the Class K of MIL-PRF-38534 for the production of space-level hybrids. In addition to MIL-PRF-38534 certifications for Class H and K hybrids, MSK Products is also ISO 9001 certified by the Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC).

If a certification or qualification you seek is not listed, contact us for further information on our certification compliance.

Syracuse, NY Facility
Quality Certification

Quality System: AS-9100-D Including ISO 9001:2015
Registrar: EAGLE Registrations Inc.

MIL-PRF Certification

Qualification: MIL-PRF-38534 (Classes E, G, H, K)
Registrar: Defense Logistics Agency

Boilerplate SCD

Class H microcircuit device requirements:

Class K microcircuit device requirements:

Lead Free Compliance

Lead-free product list:

PO Procurement Documents

1014-0981 package procurement:

1019-1618 microcircuit and semiconductor procurement:

1021-1629 polymeric material procurement:

1026-1628 passive element procurement:

1026-8309 thick film substrate procurement:

1032-11833 crystal procurement:

PO Quality Assurance Clauses

Supplier requirements for quality, design, and manufacturing:

Product Comparison Chart

List of products and their hermetic classes:

DSCC Laboratory Suitability

MIL-STD-883 laboratory suitability for MIL-PRF-38534:

Radiation test lab suitability:

TID and ELDRS lab suitability for linear regulators:

X-ray lab suitability:

Quality Control

Quality control manual:

Syracuse-W, NY Facility: Wireless Business Unit
Quality Certification

Quality System: ISO-9001:2015
Registrar: EAGLE Registrations Inc.

DEN-E Facility
Quality Certification

Quality System: ISO-9001:2008, AS-9100-D
Registrar: Bureau Veritas Certification North America, Inc.

MIL-PRF Certification

Qualification: MIL-PRF-31032
Registrar: Defense Logistics Agency

Nadcap Certification

Qualification: Electronics
Registrar: Nadcap Management Council

Scope of Accreditation

Salem, NH Facility: Ceramics Subsidiary
Quality Certification

Quality System: ISO-9001:2015
Registrar: EAGLE Registrations Inc.

Quality Certification

Quality System: ISO-14001:2015
Registrar: DQS

Suzhou, China Facility: Anaren Communications Co., Ltd.
Quality Certification

Quality System: ISO-9001:2008
Registrar: BSI Assurance UK Limited

Quality Certification

Quality System: ISO-14001:2015
Registrar: BSI Assurance UK Limited

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